Plus size: Women's 4 Piece Gift Pack - 2 Non Skid Socks & 2 Pretty Fla - Adaptive Clothes
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Plus size: Women's 4 Piece Gift Pack - 2 Non Skid Socks & 2 Pretty Flannel Hospital Gowns (size: 2XLarge and 3XLarge)

Gift Pack
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Women's 4 Piece Gift Pack 

Your 4-Piece Gift Pack for Women Includes:

  • 2 Cotton Flannel Open Back Nightgowns

  • 2 Pairs of Slip Resistant Slipper Socks

2 Pretty and Comfy Fabulous Open Back Hospital Nightgown.

Our Newest Flannel Open-Back Nightgown is warm and comfy for sleeping and nice and roomy for lounging.

Lace trim.

Two large patch pockets.

Full back overlap with two snaps at each shoulder.

Quality machine washable Cotton-Flannel.


2 Pairs of Slip Resistant Slipper Socks. The Best Irresistible skid and slip resistant hospital socks for adults with treads or grips (gripper socks)!

These rubber gripper socks for adults

Skid resistant and slip resistant treads for safer wheelchair transfer.

No inside back seam to cause heel skin issues.

Nonskid socks are perfect for acute care, outpatient and long term care patients.

How to put on a hospital gown?

  1. The individual remains in a seated position or flat prone position while being dressed.

  2. The individual's arms are inserted easily into the sleeves of the adaptive sleeping gown and the garment is drawn up to the shoulders.

  3. The caregiver simply wraps the generous overlap across the back and the dome/snap closure on each shoulder is snapped into place. If the individual is in a flat position they are rolled over or lifted at the shoulders and the generous overlap across the back is snapped into place on top of the shoulders.

  4. The domes/snaps are positioned in such a way that the individual does not experience any uncomfortable pressure points.

  5. The person being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand. 

  6. Assisted disrobing is just as easy.


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