Hip Protector Holsters - Adaptive Clothes
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Hip Protector Holsters
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Hip Protector Holsters

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Hip Protector Holsters 

It may sometimes be difficult for a Caregiver to remove incontinence pads when the patient is wearing standard Hip Protectors. The Hip Protector Holsters will remain in place while the incontinence pads are replaced. 

For people who have normal underwear or netting pants to keep incontinence pads in place, it is still easy to remove the pants as they are worn over the Hip Protector Holsters. The Hip Protector Holsters allow the Caregiver to remove the incontinence pad or underwear, without needing to remove the Hip Protector Holsters.

If the person is not incontinent, they may still wear the Holsters and have their normal underwear over the Holsters. When they go to the toilet, the Holsters will remain in position while they remove their own underwear.

Inside each Holster is a Super Soft Washable Hip Protector that has been sewn in place.

The Holsters are made from special material that wicks moisture away from the body, and this feature combined with the special foam on the inside of the Protectors will help keep the skin dry.

The Holsters are comfortable and soft enough for people to wear when sleeping.

Many falls occur during the night when people get out of bed to go to the toilet in an unlit room.

The Hip Protector Holsters can be worn in bed under most brands of incontinence pads, to give protection in case the wearer gets out of bed during the night.

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