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Adaptive Innovations



 has partnered with Alium Adaptive Apparel to bring you new innovations for Women's adaptive clothing.


1) Easy Access Nightgown

2) Wrap Sweaters

3) Zip Pants  


  • Make Dressing Easy

  • Soft, New Velcro - Like Closures

  • Exceptional Quality & Comfort 

The garments are made for for seniors who need help dressing, making it more comfortable for the senior to receive the best care.  

Using advancements in flat seaming machines and a focus on the softest, high-performance fabrics, the garments minimize skin abrasion, allow dignified access points for a caregiver to address issues such as incontinence and injury, and demonstrate through high-quality and stylish garments that the comfort of seniors is the top priority. 

Sewn in the USA, Alium Adaptive Apparel's garments are soft, stretchy, and durable enough to hold up to the rigor of community use.

Alternate openings have been constructed to assist with donning and doffing garments while providing modesty to the wearer.  

Each garment is thoughtfully constructed to address a number of physical issues people face as they age.                 

We need your help!  Over the upcoming months we expect to release additional products that makes navigating the caregiving challenges a bit easier.  We'd love it if you would share your stories or suggest what we can create to make things easier for you.  Let's collaborate together to make dressing simpler for everyone! Send your suggestions or stories to:   

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