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Health - Conscience Hosiery



Our goal is, simply, to produce the most comfortable and health conscious socks you can wear, while providing the highest possible level of service to both the retailers who carry our product lines and the consumers who wear them.

  • Our customers’ comfort and health is what motivates us.

  • Our customers’ loyalty is what drives us.

There is a need for health-conscience hosiery to address many medical conditions that impact the foot and lower leg. To be relevant in the market place, these products had to be affordable for the average consumer. 

With this mandate, a unique line of sock brands that addressed the needs of those with the most sensitive foot issues. These socks are knit using only the best in available hosiery technology, premium blends of natural and high tech fibers, and sophisticated quality assurance procedures.

All the brands shown are endorsed by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association, Canada’s leading organization of foot care specialists.

These socks support the following medical conditions: Diabetes, Poor Vascular Circulation, Edema, Arthritis, Wide Ankles, Excessive Perspiration and Sensitive Skin.

Customer feedback:

I recently bought some of your products for my mother. We had success with your socks! She was able to wear them for half a day...which is a record, and found them extremely comfortable, which is no small feat. - Jacqueline J - Listowel

These are the best socks my husband has ever worn. We have been searching for years for a proper diabetic sock for him with no luck. He put on the pair 3 days ago and he’s never been more comfortable in his entire life! - Melissa B, Surrey

I just wanted to say that I just tried your Comfort and Comfeez socks and that they are miraculous. I have suffered for years with pain in the balls of my feet and toes and your socks are the first that do not hurt my feet. - Jane W., Calgary