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Clip-On Ties

When looking to buy ties on-line, not all retailers are created with the same idea in mind. We help you find the perfect child's or men's neckties to compliment your style.

Why wear a clip on tie?

These are perfect for people who work in a profession where a sophisticated shirt and tie is the standard or for someone that has difficulty putting on a tie. 

Clip on ties offer convenience and safety over hand tied neckties. Putting on a clip on necktie is quicker and faster than hand tying and you have a perfect necktie knot every time. Additionally, hand tied neckties can act as a noose when tugged on, choking the wearer. Clip on ties will simply disconnect from the collar when pulled in the same manner. This safety feature has made clip on neckties a standard for police and security uniforms. Clip on tie safety features are also preferred for people who work around heavy machinery, as a regular tie can be a hazard in certain work environments.

The Men's tie-clips in this section are available in the the following sizes: 

    • Small: 17 inch,

    • Regular: 19 inch,

    • Long: 21 inch

    • Extra Long: 23 inch 

Boy's ties are 10.5 inches long (for ages Toddler to 8 years)

Junior Boy's size (ages 9 - 12) are available in the following sizes:

    • Short 12.5 inch,

    • Medium: 13.5 inch 

    • Long: 14.5 inch 

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