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Post Surgery Clothing

Post Surgery Clothing

Dressing and undressing can be very difficult for people who have just undergone surgery, who have orthopedic devices such as casts, who are chronically ill, or who are elderly. All these people have limited mobility, making it hard to get dressed in normal clothing. Today, people deal with the problem by wearing unsightly hospital gowns, baggy unattractive sweatpants, or over-sized shirts. People who have a cast, boot, or brace may rip old clothes to accommodate the device.

Reboundwear increases efficiency during doctor visits and physical therapy sessions. Patients maintain modesty. The clothing accommodates orthopedic devices/ports/drains. Our clothes are fashionable and comfortable. Reboundwear addresses pain points in dressing. We presented prototypes to doctors, physical therapists and occupational therapists in a focus group at Hospital for Special Surgery, a leading orthopedic hospital. Doctors and therapists confirmed that adaptive clothing would be beneficial to patients, since patients have told them that dressing is difficult and takes time. The clothing would save time for therapists and optimize treatment sessions as well.

When children have a health issue its important to keep their spirits up and maintain their daily routine. Whether your child has a minor fracture and needs to get back to school in a cast or has a medical condition that requires them to stay at hospital or home, Reboundwear is the perfect dressing solution for them.  Keep your child comfortable and cozy in their favorite athletic style.

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