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How to Choose Adaptive Clothing

How to Choose Adaptive Clothing

How to Choose Adaptive Clothing

 Adaptive clothing is uniquely designed for those who have various mobility issues, uses wheelchairs or confined to a bed. People who have disabilities due to multiple problems like injury, physical limitations or diseases affect their motions and hence the need for adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothing is also ideal for those aging naturally who at one time may have trouble dressing or undressing. Various companies have come up with developed lines that provide adaptive clothing that is designed to quickly put on and remove while lying down, seated and ones that will give a measure of independence for the user. Here is how to Choose Adaptive Clothing: 

The Uniqueness of the Garment

When selecting adaptive clothing, it needs to make dressing less painful and less stressful for the wearers hence it needs to come with unique functions like a reacher or a grabber to assist with putting on of pants. You should also have equipment like dressing stick or button hook for those with limited hand and shoulder movement or strength. The Zipper pullers are ideal for pants or jackets.

The Fabric Content

It’s advisable to choose fabrics that are easy to wash and ones that can withstand frequent washing and still maintain their beauty. Buy materials that resist shrinkage like cotton, polyester or combination of the two such garments have low shrinkage factors and don’t require ironing.

Keep Disability Differences in Mind

You need to keep in mind that each disability requires its unique adaptive clothing; someone who has arthritis needs to wear loose fitting clothes with elastic waistbands that easily opens in front. While someone with Parkinson’s has a problem with fine motor and balance and they need clothes that are easier to pull over the feet or head to make their dressing easier.

Types of Modifications

Adaptive clothing has various modifications to make the wearer feel comfortable. You can quickly place the closure from the front of the garment to its back, from special fabrics to ones addressing sensory issues.

Custom Made Adaptive Clothes

Buying custom-made adaptive clothes is one way of dealing with each variation and tastes. It makes it easy for the person with a disability to enjoy their clothing and it makes it easier to put on and off.

Fashionable Adaptive Clothes

Adaptive clothing should be stylish enough to make the wearer feel special and improve their self-esteem. It’s ideal for the younger generation to make them have a connection to the changing fashion world. It also helps them to uplift their positive thinking towards life regardless of their disability.

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Adaptive clothes make life easier for your loved one and it increases their power to experience independence and make dressing enjoyable.

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