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How Post-Surgery Adaptive Clothing Helps the Mind and Body Heal

How Post-Surgery Adaptive Clothing Helps the Mind and Body Heal

Dressing and undressing is not something many of us put much thought into, it is just a part of our everyday routine. However, this simplest of tasks can be extremely difficult for people who are recovering from surgery, are dealing with chronic illness, have certain physical disabilities, or struggle with the basics of self-care. All these people have limited mobility, making it hard to get dressed in normal clothing. Up until now, most people dealt with these issues by wearing baggy unattractive clothes, staying home in nightgowns and embarrassing undergarments, or by cutting up their normal clothes to accommodate casts and braces. Thankfully there is no reason to go to such destructive and degrading means thanks to adaptive clothing!

Adaptive Clothing For Post-Surgery Care

Adaptive clothes for post-surgery care increases efficiency during doctor visits and physical therapy sessions which speeds the healing and recovery process as well as helps patients heal mentally. Patients are also able to easily maintain modesty with clothing that fits, looks nice, and accommodates their special needs. Now braces, ports, harnesses, and lead lines can all be easily accessed and maintained while patients can still enjoy attractive and stylish looking clothes. This new approach to adaptive clothing has also helped minimize pain and discomfort during the healing process by reducing or in some cases eliminating pressure points and by being designed to keep surgical areas clean and comfortable. This is something that has long been need in the medical field. “Doctors and therapists confirmed that adaptive clothing would be beneficial to patients, since patients have told them that dressing is difficult and takes time. The clothing would save time for therapists and optimize treatment sessions as well. When children have a health issue its important to keep their spirits up and maintain their daily routine”. No matter the injury, condition, surgery, or recovery needs, chances are you can find adaptive clothing that will make recovery and life easier from there on out!

 How Adaptive Surgery Clothing Makes Life Easier

  • Easy to take on and off- with strategically placed zippers, snaps, and Velcro fasteners, it is easier to take clothes on and off when slings, casts, or surgical sites make mobility a bit of a challenge.
  • Easy access to chest- openings in the front of adaptive shirts or special shoulder access points makes it easier to access leads, ports, or check surgical sides without the need to be fully undressed.
  • Easy access to arms- zip-up and easy access sleeves make it easier to accommodate arm casts and slings and can also make treatments such as chemotherapy easier and less embarrassing for patients.
  • Comfortable materials- adaptive clothing is made from soft, cool, comfortable clothing for summertime wear and warmer materials for cooler seasons- but it is all made to be comfortable and less constrictive.
  • Adaptable styles- many of the items of clothing featured are ones that can be worn around the house, at the doctors, while out and about, or for any event- casual to more dressed up occasions.
  • Preserves independence- one complaint many patients have as they recover from surgery or an illness is that they feel trapped by their inability to care for themselves; adaptive clothing helps with this.
  • Modest and encouraging- the final way adaptive clothing benefits the wearer is that it allows them and their doctors or caregivers to address their physical needs while still preserving feelings of self-worth.
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