Finding Clothing and Accessories for Sensory Processing Disorder and O - Adaptive Clothes

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Finding Clothing and Accessories for Sensory Processing Disorder and Other Conditions.

Finding Clothing and Accessories for Sensory Processing Disorder and Other Conditions.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) which in the non-medical community is known simply as a difficulty in processing sensory information, affects millions of children today in some way or another. Children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other conditions can have wildly varied symptoms but they all share one general common thread- they often thrive on the feel of a loving touch. Even children who at first seem to avoid touch or physical contact will usually have one individual they run to for comfort and hugs when they are hurt or scared. There is something universally comforting and reassuring in the pressure and sensation of a hug. Our special needs clothing and accessories are designed to help children with a range of behavior, cognitive, and physical limitations find peace and reassurance and that calming sense of touch. 

Soothing Pressure Kids Can Wear All the Day

Children of all ages who have SPD, Autism, ADHD, or other behavioral and cognitive disorders often find small seemingly normal irritants to be totally and completely devastating. Tags in shirts feel like sandpaper or barbed wire, background noises can seem much louder, bright lights and changes in lighting can be disorienting, and basic things like walking, talking, and concentrating become much harder when these triggers are present. This is where pressure clothing can help. This new revolutionary clothing option is one of our most popular lines of adaptive clothing, which help offset these conditions in the following ways:

  • Provides continuous deep pressure that helps calm and relax the child
  • Offers the sensory input many children with behavior or cognitive disorders crave
  • Supports kids and gives them the sensation of a comforting hug
  • Tagless and soft fabric for maximum comfort and easy wearing. 

Sleep Easy With Weighted Blankets
Many children with Autism, ADHD, and learning delays and disabilities have trouble relaxing and sleeping throughout the night. One way to help calm their busy minds, relax restless bodies, and sooth them into a deep restful sleep is the use of weighted blankets. The proprioceptive input impacts the key pressure points in the body and helps stimulate the body to get ready for sleep. Weighted blankets have also been found to offer several therapeutic benefits for children suffering with anxiety, autism, learning delays, behavioral issues, and sensory processing disorders. In children whose brains may not be wired normally to have good body awareness, especially in the dark or when they are asleep, feeling the light and gently pressure of the blanket lets them know where their arms and legs are and helps them feel grounded and aware. This helps them relax and drift into a restful and soothing sleep.

Comfortable Clothes to Give Gentle Hugs

Similar to the issues that occur during sleep and the lack of body awareness and perspective, children with special needs often feel disoriented, dissociated, and out of place in normal everyday settings that their peers have no problems interacting in. Weighted clothing and accessories help give that soothing and calming effect in a daytime setting such as at school or around the house. Weighted vests, shirts, armbands, belts, and other clothing accessory pieces work much like the weighted blankets and provide that crucial stimuli type input the child needs. The weight acts much like a gentle all-encompassing hug and helps the child focus at school and helps them stay calm in sensory overload situations that would make them feel anxious, fearful, or distracted. The key to our successful designing of these weighted items of clothing is to make them as low profile as possible and to also make them stylish and cool looking so the child does not feel like they are being stared at or singled out among their peers as being different. Weights are safely positioned in specially made pockets and can be adjusted as needed to reach the weight displacement that is just right for your child’s unique needs and limitations.

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Written by F. Gaeta
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