Tips From Caregivers For Outdoor Activities For Seniors - Adaptive Clothes
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Tips From Caregivers For Outdoor Activities For Seniors

Tips From Caregivers For Outdoor Activities For Seniors

Tuesday March 20, 2018 may just seems like another Tuesday in your calendar, however, it does represent one specific, and exciting, day during the year.  It is the first official day of Spring!

Depending on where you live, you may be anxiously awaiting for some warmer weather.  Normally during this time of year, flashes of warmth and a sunnier time can bring a more positive attitude and feelings. 

Having some exercise and some fresh air is very good for everyone's health.  Here are a few activities that you may find helpful for seniors and residents of your facility:

  • Walk in the park.  Allowing seniors to browse nature's beauty is very soothing and relaxing.  It's hard to beat the smell of trees or nearby pond;
  • Games cafes.  You can walk if there are locations nearby.  The cafes are a great way to learn some news games (or play some oldies - Scrabble anyone?) while socializing and enjoying some fresh coffees and teas;
  • Exercise Class Outdoors.  Many facilities will hold regular exercise classes indoors and keep their residents active. By just moving some of the chairs and equipment in the back courtyard or somewhere nearby, adding a fresh air element can make the class memorable for the seniors; 
  • Lightly pass around a ball.  We know there some football fans everywhere and lightly passing around a football and bring back a little nostalgia; or
  • Have a picnic.  You can never be too young or old to have a small picnic outside and enjoy some light snacking or lunch with the fresh air.

It's also important to make sure your dressing appropriately.  We mentioned a few spring-time friendly articles of clothing you may want to add into your routine, and we will be posting many more as the season continues to evolve.  Just writing this article, we at are planning to get out and about!