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Clothing For The Handicap

Clothing For The Handicap

It is more than likely that either you or someone you know has a physical disability.  In fact, over 74 million Americans have some sort of physical disability. Such disabilities can be a result of something a person is born with or develop over time, such as arthritis.

Adapting to the limitations of your body can be challenging, and it is important to try and make yourself and your handicap as comfortable as possible.  Finding clothing for handicaps is something we surely have a wide selection of for both men and women.  Aside from adaptive clothing for people with handicaps, there are other aspects of your life that will need adapting.  These include determining a modes of transportation, or if you may need daily assistance getting dressed from a caregiver or Personal Support Worker.  Through many caregivers we have heard from, they notice that those who develop a handicap over the years mostly have the hardest time asking for help.

Overcoming the challenge of no longer being fully independent can be tough.  But it is important for you or your loved one to become comfortable asking for help, or finding the proper care to help you live a more comfortable day to day.  Getting dressed certainly can become challenging.  Clothing for those with handicaps are specifically designed with having someone help you get dressed, in mind.  Velcro on the side of pants can help a caregiver more easily help you put your pants on.  Or buttons on the back of your shirts can prevent you from overexerting yourself or pulling muscles while trying to put a shirt on.

Whatever your needs may be, it is important to be realistic and comfortable with your situation.  There are resources that can help you adjust to your day-to-day, which we very much encourage you to seek out!

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